Medical Aesthetics Services

Facial Rejuvenation with Wrinkle Fillers, Skin Peels and other ant ageing treatments may be the best alternative to invasive surgery and require minimal downtime. Permanent make u for the eyebrows, eyes and lips can enhance your natural beauty and make you look your best all the time. Services that we will offer:

Juvederm – Instant Wrinkle Filler £220

Radiesse-Filler Deep Lines Filler £450

Anti Frowning Injections £140

Injectable Collagen £250

Lip Enhancement £250

Permanent Make-up £250

Mesotherapy – £150

Dermamelan For Pigmentation £500

Dracula Therapy (PRP) £400

Skin Tags and Spider Veins Removal £100

Sclerotherapy Spider Veins on Legs – £150