REN Face & Body Treatments

Using skin care products formulated with cutting edge Bio Actives that boost the skins natural processes of protection, repair and renewal together with a Synergy Massage System, REN facials are skin workouts that address both physical and musculo-skeletal facial tissues by toning and lifting underlying muscles and releasing tension to reduce the appearance of facial expression wrinkles. Together, they work in perfect synergy to help you achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin.
The products are applied using the REN Synergy Massage System specifically designed by our Cosmetic pharmacologist and Facial Specialists. This system takes its inspiration from various influences zen shiatsu, Japanese massage, naturopathy and in-depth knowledge of skin physiology and biochemistry. The System combines five different phases, which are completed in a specific sequence and all join forces to heighten the performance of REN Clean Bio-Active products.

Facial Treatment

Stay younger for longer = 75min £95

An advanced anti ageing facial designed to plump,renew and revitalise wise, experienced skin .

Skin as it should be =60min £70

An energising, radiance boosting facial designed to enhance naturally happy,healthy skin.

SOS rescue = 60min £70

A deeply hydrating and nourishing facial specifically designed to tackle fine lines related to dryness, to revive dull, tired skin and brighten the complexion.For dry and dehydrated skins.

Hydra calm soothing =60min £70

A highly repairing and protecting facial designed to soothe and calm reactive skin, preventing premature ageing.

Skin detox = 60min £70

A purifying, deep cleansing, anti-blemish facial designed to leave your skin clean,calm and even toned For Combination/problem skin prone to breakouts and blemishes.

Whats not to love express =30min £40

An ideal booster cleansing and hydrating treatment when you simply dont have the time to lie down for the full hour. Or add as an extra to your REN Body Massage.


Body Rebalance Treatment 120min = £100

An invigorating mineral rich exfoliation and tsubo pressure point massage that will leave the skin moisturised, toned and renewed for feeling of total wellbeing.

Moroccan Rose Ritual 150min =£150

exquisite experience indulging you in a REN bespoke facial and body rebalance treatment to relieve stress, uplift and soothe, leaving you with the ultimate feeling of balance, grounding and relaxation.