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Med Spa Beauty Clinic Reviewed on 21/04/2011

I have visited Med Spa on several occasions and everytime the experience has been most relaxing the ambience was surreal and the staff were friendly

Med Spa Beauty Clinic Reviewed on 19/04/2011

Hey guys out there. If you are plucking,shaving or waxing then you are having a giraffe! I had my hair removed with soprano XL laser at med spa beauty clinic in notting hill gate and have never looked back! Not only I””m hair free after only four treatments but gone are the chores of having to wax or shave every now and again but also no ingrown hair problems and no spotty back which I used to get before! The medspa beauty clinic is tucked away like an oasis above calder pharmacy in notting hull gate and is tastefully laid out both in tems of its decor and hygiene. The staff are very pleasant and professional and their rates are very reasonable. The pharmacy is very chic as well!

Med Spa Beauty Clinic Reviewed on 19/03/2011


Med Spa Beauty Clinic?Reviewed by Valery ?Valery on 18/04/2011

I had Laser Treatment with soprano xl on bikini lines and undearms, it works very well, I am very pleased with results!!!!

Med Spa Beauty Clinic?Reviewed by Michel?Angelo on 17/04/2011

“I had my third laser hair removal with Soprano XL Painless Laser, I can”t express how amasing this treatment is as it is truely PAINLESS! and it works

Med Spa Beauty Clinic Reviewed on 17/02/2011

Best prices for Lycon waxing in the area, professional and friendly staff, will be coming back

Med Spa Beauty Clinic Reviewed on 20/09/11

Had universal contour wrap, very good custumer service, excellent location and facilities