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Nannic Venatrix

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Very effective formula to apply on spider veins venatrixs-before-after How do spider veins occur:

Matrix metallo proteinases (MMP) are enzymes responsible to clear away the ‘waste’ produced by our skin cells (keratinocytes and fibroblasts).

Under influence of external aggressors such as UV-rays, cold, wind, pollution etc … these MMP’s can get over-active and start to attack the cells of the extra cellular matrix. In the extra cellular matrix, we find collagen and elastin which are responsible to keep micro-capillaries in tonic position, so they do not get visible at the skin’s surface.

A weakened extra cellular matrix is not able to keep the micro-capillaries in tonic position.
Even so, under influence of external aggressors as mentioned above, our cells expel PGE2 (prostaglandin E2) and VEGF (vaso endothelial growth factor).

venatrix_ECM-after Herewith PGE2 will cause dilation of micro-capillaries, and VEGF will increase the permeability of the micro-capillary network. Once perforated, the capillaries will secrete white blood cells (neutrophils) which again will attack the ECM, a vicious circle of loss of integrity of the ECM and dilation of the capillaries is taking place.

Visible spider veins, varicose legs and rosacea are becoming visible because they aren’t held in tonic position.


VENATRIX will work from a double angle to break through this vicious circle:

1- by inhibiting over-activity of the MMP and
2- by inhibiting PGE2 and VEGF.

NANNIC VENATRIX will encourage the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers and will ensure the integrity of the ECM. The integrity of the ECM, in where the collagen and elastin fibers are located, will be able to keep the micro-capillaries in tonic position.

Less PGE2 will create less dilation of the micro-capillaries and less VEGF will make the micro-capillaries less permeable. venatrix_ECM-before

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Nannic Venatrix Couperose

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Very effective for couperose & dark circles under the eyes – Medically proven couperose_pics A Nano-Bio-Dynamic serum to use on couperose, telangiectasia and dark circles under the eyes.

Couperose is a skin condition which is characterised by an acute and chronic infection. Around 10% of the population suffers from this condition and it is most common with caucasians. It is now increasingly believed that the (reactive) sun is an important influential factor.

With NANNIC VENATRIX COUPEROSE the facial redness is reduced as a result of the collagen and elastin fibres synthesis being protected and the dark circles under the eyes and dilated blood vessels (telangiectasia) are visibly reduced.

NANNIC VENATRIX COUPEROSE has been built up from various different natural components, the therapeutic effects of which have been demonstrated in a large number of different laboratory tests:

- The added Glucosaminoglycans (from marine origin) have an extraordinarily protective effect on the integrity of the extra cellular matrix which collagen and elastin nestle into. A healthy extra cellular matrix is of primary importance for an optimal synthesis of collagen and elastin. Healthy collagen ensures the tissues and blood vessel system remain strong and firm.

- Algae extracts (from Asparagopsis Armata and Ascophylium Nodosum) have a restraining effect on the enzyme degeneration of both the capillaries as well as the extra cellular matrix.

- Nannic Venatrix Couperose also contains green tea and chrysanthemum extracts, which are both well known for their anti-inflammatory effects. The combination of these two plant extracts has a synergy effect in the fight against free radicals. On the one hand this cream will scavenge and remove the free radicals, and on the other hand it will intercept and neutralize the free radicals.

couperose-bef-aft - The rich quantity of essential unsaturated free fatty acids softens the skin and keeps it supple.It is increasingly being assumed and demonstrated that the presence of these fatty acids have a healing effect on various different metabolism mechanisms.
Couperose:The visibillity of couperose will decrease depending on the stage the couperose has reached.Application twice daily will decrease the visibillity of couperose after 8 to 12 weeks.
Telangiectasia and dark circles around the eyes: The visibillity of telangiectasia (small veins on nose and cheeks) and dark cirkles around the eyes will fade after 6 to 8 weeks.

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Qc Deo Douche

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2 in 1 : Shower + Deodorant
DEOdouche is a unique shower foam that cleanses the skin and prevents body odours for 24 hours thanks to its patented Zinc-Coceth-Sulfate formula. QC DEOdouche supports the natural protective layer of the skin and is an efficient deodorant for the underarm as well as the entire body. Suitable for hyper-sensitive skin and for intimate areas.

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Qc deo textile

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Provides long-lasting and safe deodorization of all your clothes by eliminating the bacteria that cause body odour which are usually only destroyed at temperatures of 80 °C.
Apply 30-45 minutes before hand or machine washing your clothes as normal. You can also use it dry for your clothes/ furniture / carpets.
Body odour is caused by bacteria which may be left on your clothes after you wear them. These bacteria are destroyed when clothes are washed at temperatures of 80°C or higher.
Lower temperatures, however, (for example 30°C for delicate items), do not destroy the bacteria, allowing the odour to remain on your clothing.
QC DEO TEXTILE contains active silver ions which destroy the bacteria, leaving clothes both fresh and odourless.
You can also use it dry for your clothes, furniture and carpets qc_deo_textile_use DIRECTIONS OF USE:
(1) Spray QC DEO textile onto interior of clothes, onto the area you wish to deodorize,
(2) leave to work for 30 to 45 min, before washing the clothes
(3) put in the washing machine or wash by hand.

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