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Gentle treatment lotion based on vitamin B5, moisturizing ingredients, Hamamelis extract and rose fruit extract.
Helps control the skin’s moisture balance, normalizes sebaceous secretions, purifies and tightens the pores.
Daily use, morning and evening, helps prevent the formation of blackheads, acne and hyperpigmentation.

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Respect skin’s natural pH balance SOOTHING FACIAL CLEANSER, not irritant for skin and eyes.
Extra mild, very effective anti-aging facial cleanser with sugar gel, glycerine and babassu oil.
Removes excess oil and impurities without dehydrating skin.
Free of conservatives.
Perfect for sensitive skin

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Nannic Skin Tone Balancer Triple Action

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SKIN TONE BALANCER TRIPLE ACTION extremely effective against hyperpigmentation(dark pregnancy spots, liver spots or freckles)

stb_photo NANNIC Skin Tone Balancer Triple Action gives a quick result with hyperpigmentation (three to four weeks) and is suitable for any type of skin. The serum has been dermatologically tested and is composed of clinically proven active ingredients.
As the successor to the traditional NANNIC Skin Tone Balancer, NANNIC Skin Tone Balancer Triple Action contains active ingredients that effectively counteract all mechanisms causing hyperpigmentation (liver spots, melasma and freckles).

What causes pigmentation:
The natural mechanism that turns skin brown is based on three activities that occur in the body.
1. Hormonal: Sunlight triggers a command from our brains that activates the production of pigment cells in the skin. This hormone is called ∂-MSH (Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone).
2. Enzymatic: After the ∂-MSH hormone gives the starting signal, an enzyme production activity gets underway, causing the pigment cells, located in the basal layer (stratum basale), to form and release pigment (melanin).
3. Transport: Next, the pigment produced by the pigment cells in the deepest skin layer is absorbed by macrophage (phagocytosis) which absorb the pigment, transport it via the dendrites between the cells and eventually deliver it to our skin cells.

What causes hyperpigmentation:
Hyperpigmentation (pigment spots) happens when an imbalance occurs in the production of pigment by the pigment cells. The imbalance is usually the result of damage incurred due to excessive exposure to UV rays (sunlight) or due to a hormonal imbalance (e.g. melasma in pregnancy).
Rays of sunlight at various wavelengths have a strong radical impact, as a result of which free radicals in various forms can damage different skin cells in different ways. Damage to the DNA messes up the cell control mechanism. Uncontrolled cellular behaviour will cause the skin to age early, leading to visible hyperpigmentation and other nuisances.

How does NANNIC Skin Tone Balancer Triple Action repair hyperpigmentation:
NANNIC has already demonstrated (with NANNIC Skin Tone Balancer) that by curbing the second activity (enzymatic), excellent results can be obtained by constraining hyperpigmentation without damaging pigment cells in the process. However, the result required some patience (six to eight weeks).
NANNIC wanted to reduce the treatment period, and thanks to further research, the recovery will start earlier with the NANNIC Skin Tone Balancer Triple Action.

NANNIC Skin Tone Balancer Triple Action is a compound of specific active ingredients that helps to combat the visible consequences of hyperpigmentation by counteracting and normalising the overactivity of pigment formation.

As an extra element, NANNIC added an active substance that imitates and boosts the natural defence mechanism against free radicals. The control system (the DNA) of our skin cells will be actively protected as a result. Neutralising all forms of free radicals restores cellular life, which means that the already lessened hyperpigmentation is confined, producing a long-term result. Further treatment is often unnecessary, provided exposure to sunlight is limited.

User instructions :
Apply twice daily on the zone to be treated until the desired effect is obtained.

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Nannic SLIM & FIRM is an effective treatment of difficult to remove local fat and cellulite.
Slim_Firm_bottle_boxslim_firm_cover-beeld Nannic Slim & Firm offers an efficient treatment aimed at repressing the mechanisms which cause the formation of fat and cellulite under the skin.
This multi-complex serum literally puts fat cells on a diet and prevents the formation of new fat cells. The existing fat is transformed into energy.
NANNIC SLIM & FIRM – What is the result?

- Reduces the visible signs of cellulite.
- Reduces fat deposits under the skin.
- Reduces the contours of buttocks, thighs, belly and arms.
- Improves the skin’s firmness.
- Provides an immediate lifting effect.

It might sound contradictory, but fat does not simply expand of its own accord. In addition to genetic factors, its growth depends on an optimal vascular network to ensure the delivery of large quantities of oxygen-rich blood, a situation known as neovascularisation.

Insulin causes blood sugar to be transformed into either muscle glycogen or body fat. When there is an excess of sugar, or glucose, the body stops burning fat and begins to store it instead. These fats, or triglycerides, are synthesised in the liver from glucose, then stored in fat cells in the liver known as adipocytes. Fats provide the body with energy which it burns to generate warmth. Excess fat can be broken down and drained off through an interaction between fat cells and blood, and by certain enzymes.

In addition to visceral fat, there is also fat under the skin. Besides providing a cushioning effect, this keeps the body warm and provides energy and nutrition for cells. Its thickness varies throughout the body, and a range of factors, for example the hormone oestrogen, determine how much of it is deposited on the thighs.

The active components of Nannic SLIM & FIRM. What do they do? slim_comp 1. Organic Iodine:
The medical term for cellulite is: Hydro-lipo-dystrophy. Hydro means water and lipo means fat. Organic Iodine prevents the excessively strong infiltration of lymphocytes which appear as fixed oedema (hydro). By curbing this mechanism, the treatment with Nannic SLIM & FIRM will quickly allow you to lose centimetres from your contours.

2. Extract of Ginger, Turmeric and Cinnamon:
Works in synergy with the organic Iodine by boosting the micro draining of the fixed oedema with a thermal effect, without causing any redness.

3. Extract of Quinoa grains:
The extract from this particularly nutritious 5,000 year old cereal has a strong inhibiting effect on the formation of new blood vessels which provide fat cells with oxygen-rich blood. This means that the fat cells are obliged to remain in their dormant, non-fat retaining state.

4. The amino acid: Proline:
Proline can considerably reduce cellulite in one month. It shrinks the fat cells by activating fat burning. Proline stimulates the breakdown of fat (lipolysis) from the fat cell.

5. Organic silanol combined with caffeine:
Restructures the skin’s structure and inhibits free radicals. This counteracts the inflammatory effect (dystrophy) of cellulite.

6. Algae extract from brown algae:
Already used in Nannic Venatrix, a product which has already repeatedly shown its specific effect against oedema and erythema. Protects collagen and elastin, which promote strong skin.

7. Sesame protein:
This particularly powerful moisturiser will immediately tighten the skin and counteract the effect of flabby sagging skin.

Directions for use: Nannic SLIM & FIRM is a home treatment which we recommend using up to twice a day, preferably mornings and evenings. Apply Nannic SLIM & FIRM on clean skin and massage in (with light pressure, towards the heart). Nannic SLIM & FIRM is a highly concentrated serum, so only a tiny amount is needed.

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