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Repairing cream based on hemp oil and baker’s yeast for daily hand care.
Hemp is an extraordinarily strong plant which enriches the soil. This plant can very easily be grown without any problems and without the need for pesticides as a result of its important quantity of phytosterols. When mixed with other types of plants, Hemp will also protect these other plants against insects and parasites.
Hemp is very rich in Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid (Omega 3 and 6), anti-oxidants, phytosterols, glycerides, vitamin E and carotene (provitamin A).

hand-repair-product These substances are all essential for making damaged skin healthy and flawless again.
The pure oil is pressed from the Cannabis Sativa seeds.

In addition to the Hemp oil, the NANNIC HAND REPAIR COMPLEX is also built up with extracts from baker’s yeast: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae.
The most important thing known about this polysaccharide is the immunological effect.

Baker’s yeast extracts stimulate the body’s own defence mechanism, as well as the skin’s own repair capabilities.
for your daily protection
anti-oxidants – phytosterols – glycerides – vitamin E – provitamin A

Apply a small amount of handcream several times a day, wherever the skin feels dry and rough.
Use sparingly. The cream quickly penetrates the skin and does not feel greasy.

Suitable for all skin types.
Dermatologically tested. Medically proven as effective treatment for dry and cracked skin.


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NANNIC instant anti-wrinkle & intensive wrinkle repair

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pict_anti_wrinkle Directly fights vertical wrinkles above the mouth and laugh lines around the eyes.
With this rich day-and-night application, NANNIC has developed a revolutionary and most effective means in fighting nasty wrinkles in the eyes and mouth zone.
Many women feel particularly disturbed by vertical wrinkles above their mouth that are hard to conceal. With this combined day-and-night application, NANNIC has found the solution!
wrinkle-before-after The interaction between day-serum – which, apart from fighting and prevention of wrinkles, tightens the skin and makes wrinkles less apparent – and the rich night-serum – which renews the cellular structure – leads to a spectacular and enduring result: Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes decrease and the skin appears notably smoother and more beautiful.
Day treatment:NANNIC instant anti-wrinkle.
An immediately achieved visible result due to direct skin tightening according to which wrinkles are less apparent, in combination with intense effectiveness against premature skin aging.
NANNIC INSTANT ANTI-WRINKLE Day is a composition of, amongst others, proteins, gained from sesame oil. This serum tightens the skin. (This product is no “filler” and therefore leaves no visible traces on your skin.)
NANNIC INSTANT ANTI-WRINKLE Day was comprehensively tested and showed astonishing results within just 5 minutes. The serum’s effectiveness was unanimously agreed upon and acknowledged by all test persons: 100 % of them showed a tighter skin.
grafiek-anti-wrinkle Night treatment: NANNIC intensive wrinkle repair

While you are sleeping, NANNIC Intensive Wrinkle Repair Night provides cell regeneration. From the 35th year of life, elastin and collagen production continuously decrease. These two bodily substances are important parts of the subcutaneous tissue which provide the skin with firmness and smoothness.

On a cellular level, there is much more going on than the simple production of collagen and elastin. NANNIC Serum pays special attention to the junction between different skin layers. It is these junctions between epidermis and dermis (DEJ – Dermal Epidermal Junction) that loosen throughout the aging process, due to the impacts of sunlight (photo aging), smoking, air pollution and various other stress factors, amongst which is emotional stress.

NANNIC Intensive Wrinkle Repair Night re-stimulates the interactions between the cellular matrix and DEJ. On different levels, deficits are re-balanced and restricted skin activities get re-activated. Used prophylactically, it prevents wrinkles and reduces existing wrinkles apparently and durably.

Daytime application:
apply NANNIC INSTANT ANTI-WRINKLE (Day) to cleansed skin. Apply the serum to the lip- and eyes zone.
result_anti_wrinkle Night-time application:
apply and use NANNIC INTENSIVE WRINKLE REPAIR (Night) in the above mentioned manner. Can render a slightly upwarming feeling.

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Nannic make-up remover gel eliminates make-up quickly and thoroughly without damaging the skin.
Its amazing texture, which transforms on contact with water from a gel into a milk, leaves the skin clean and refreshed without a greasy residue.
For all skin types.

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Nannic NBE 500 Face and Body Treatment

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Nannic NBE 500:A new revolutionary development for skin rejuvenation.
No more needles or painful surgery, but instead smooth and youthful looking skin and a beautifully defined jawline.

Improves oxygen-rich blood supply
Improves discharge of CO2
Activates the collagen and glucosaminoglycans synthesis
Strengthens facial expression muscles
Triggers lipolysis
Drains the lymph system
Reduces pore size
Reduces free radicals
Enables active ingredients to penetrate more deeply into the skin
Optimises cell energy (face, neckline and hands)

Price: £100.00

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