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Nannic 3D Miracle Lips

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Fuller and healthier lips in 29 days.
A beautiful look is best expressed with healthy, full and beautifully shaped lips. The thin skin of our lips is incredibly sensitive to external aggressors such as wind, cold, sun and pollution. People with pale skin have particularly sensitive lips, as their lips do not contain any pigment cells, which offer protection against the sun, or any sweat or sebaceous glands, which protect against dehydration).

Nannic 3D Miracle Lips1 miracle_display NANNIC MIRACLE LIPS offers a full spectrum lip care product;
1. Protection: The lips are protected against both UV-A-rays and UV-B-rays.
2. Extreme moisturising properties: the lipids present in most of the lip balms nourish and protect the lips from dehydration. NANNIC MIRACLE LIPS also contains Lauryl PCA which maintains the moisture balance in the thin skin of the lips.

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Nannic Anti-Age Factor

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Your skin cells 10 years younger in 42 days
Nannic Anti Age Product- Medically proven -

NANNIC ANTI-AGE FACTOR indroduces a new concept:A product which rejuvenates the skin by protecting the skin’s natural growth factors.

NANNIC ANTI-AGE FACTOR is a cosmeceutical based on nano technology.
NANNIC ANTI-AGE FACTOR has an active effect on the skin’s metabolism and protects the natural synthesis of collagen, elastin and glucosaminoglycans.
anti-age-before-after This allows the skin to regain its youthful firmness, wrinkles fade and the skin looks healthy, supple and fresh.

NANNIC ANTI-AGE FACTOR has been built up from various different natural components, the therapeutic effects of which have been demonstrated in a large number of differents laboratory tests.

1. The added Glucasaminoglycans (from marine origin) have an extraordinarily protective effect on the integrity of the extra cellular matrix which collagen and elastin nestle into.

A healthy extra cellular matrix is of primary importance for an optimal synthesis of collagen and elastin. Healthy collagen ensures the tissues and blood vessel system remain strong and firm.

2. Algae extracts (from Asparagopsis Armata and Ascophylium Nodosum) have a restraining effect on the enzyme degeneration of both the capillaries as well as the extra cellular matrix.
3. An extract from the Hibiscus Abelmochus results in a protective effect on the “Fibroblast growth factor 2″ (FGF-2) as a result of the rich presence of amino acids. This growth factor guarantees the dermal regeneration and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans.

Nannic Anti-Age Factor-2 NANNIC ANTI-AGE FACTOR is suitable for all skin types, is dermatologically tested and medically proven.
User instructions: Apply NANNIC ANTI-AGE FACTOR twice a day morning & evening.
NANNIC ANTI-AGE FACTOR 30 ml, is packaged in vacuum packaging to prevent oxidation of the active ingredients and to reduce the use of parabene to a minimum and exclude comedogene substances.

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Nannic Foot Repair Complex

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Medically proven as extraordinarily effectivein caring for painful splits and cracks, rich in omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids absolute non-greasy
Hemp seeds + Baker’s yeast + Red pepper peptide + Tea tree oil
NANNIC FOOT REPAIR COMPLEX is compiled from the same components as the repairing hand cream, but a red pepper peptide (saccharomyces capsicum annum) and Tea Tree oil are also added.
The red pepper peptide will warm up the skin ever so slightly and thereby stimulate circulation.
This will greatly reduce the feeling of painfully swollen feet. The red pepper extract is also a rich source of anti-oxidants.
Tea tree oil is well known for its anti-inflammatory and deodorising effects.
Studies have shown that the raw materials used in Nannic repairing foot cream are extraordinarily effective in caring for painful splits and cracks.
patient_foot Apply a small amount of footcream several times a day, wherever the skin feels dry and rough.
Use sparingly. The cream quickly penetrates the skin and does not feel greasy.
Suitable for all skin types.
Dermatologically tested. Medically proven as effective treatment for dry and cracked skin.

Price: £21.50

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Nannic Golden Legs

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SILKY WATERPROOF BODY MAKE-UP for instant, bronzed, even & sensual legs. Golden legs levels the skin and camouflages skin imperfections (such as spider veins, freckles …).
A silky concealer, extremely long lasting, that melts immediately into the skin.

The texture is pleasant to the touch and feels light. Keeps the skin respirating and does not clog pores.

This rich formula with 24 Karat pure micronized Gold powder renders the skin a beautiful reflection and lets it radiate as never before.

A few minutes after application, Golden Legs is 100 % waterproof and resistant to sweat.
(Oil free composition – does not feel oily nor sticky). Does not come off on clothes, towels or bed sheets.

golden_legs GOLDEN LEGS, advantages:
- 100 % waterproof
- levels the skin
- camouflages skin imperfections
- is extremely long lasting
- keeps the skin respirating
- does not clog pores
- resistant to sweat
- does not come off on clothes or bed sheets
- fits to every skin type
- may be used daily
- has been dermatologically tested.

24 Karat Sparkling Gold
for a great, glamorous gloss of Gold, wherever on the body (face, décolleté, arms, belly etc…) Golden legs, 24 Karat gold do not contain any color but will render a glowing effect of gold.
Golden Legs 24 Karat Gold creates vogue, glamour and special effects when applied on top of Supersunic self-tanning spray.
24 Karat Sparkling Gold is also water resistant and will not flush away with perspiration, rain nor pool water.

Golden legs 30 ml is available in 2 shades and 1 highlighter
golden_colors Golden legs has been composed with volatile silicones, and is free of mineral oils to guaranty a flow less looking, glowing skin without caking. The used pigments are supported with patented micronized 24 Karat gold for a perfect matching glowing result.

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