A simple step for smooth skin, the Soprano Ice Laser

Every lady, no matter her age, wants to look and feel fabulous. When it comes to laser hair removal, many of us though, are not aware of a solution which is both efficient, on a long term and nearly pain free. And that solution is the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal, the newest trend and treatment when it comes to removing and reducing undesired hair from our body. And the result, smooth and healthy skin with extremely reduced pilosity for a long period of time. Which one of you ladies isn’t into that?

When it comes to hair removal, some of us prefer a quick shave, some a rapid wax and some the traditional laser hair removal. And while all of these are common, they are rather for a short term or painful. And let’s face it, we are all tired of pain and undesired hair. But now, with the Soprano Ice Laser treatment, we can forget about both.

The Soprano Ice Laser and where you can have the treatment

The Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment has been tested by several dermatologists in clinic trials before being released onto the market. This treatment has been proven to be safer, more efficient and nearly pain free which, by comparison to other treatments, makes it a viable solution, preferred by many women, when it comes to getting rid of undesired body hair.
Another benefit of the Soprano Ice laser is that it works and has amazing results on any type of skin and any hair colour. This means every lady can benefit from the procedure.

The treatment works like this:

- the Soprano Ice tip of the laser cools the surface of the skin
- the Ice applicator cools the skin as it has numerous cooling pumps inside the applicator
- the heat is maintain within the dermis
- no surface burns
- less pain, smooth skin, long term results

In case you are wondering, you can benefit from this treatment here, at Medspa. We are one of the few beauty clinics in the Great Britain to provide this treatment. Our modern machine is handled by a specialized laser operator, working carefully so that you can obtain a beautiful, smooth skin in a comfortable and efficient manner.

So why bother shaving every 2 or 3 days? Or waxing every 2 or 3 weeks? And even traditional laser hair removal can’t beat the efficiency and comfort of the Soprano Ice Laser hair removal treatment. After all, which lady doesn’t enjoy having a smooth, silky skin without having to suffer for it?

Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal treatment Medspa, pampered body

Our body is our sanctuary. Each and every one of us should take care of it and take pride in it. When it comes to undesired hair, we all feel uncomfortable about it. But when removing it, why not do it in a gentle way, so that we don’t make our bodies feel pain. This is what the Soprano Ice guarantees, less pain for better results. No more hurting, just silky, smooth and long term results.

So cherish your body. Be grateful of your body. Benefit from treatments which are both efficient and comfortable. After all, being comfortable in your own skin is the one thing everybody wants. So be gentle to it.

Sun, senses, and smile with Medspa

It’s August, summer is at its peak, sun is shining and you can smell holiday in the air. It’s a lovely feeling. It makes you feel all tingly and excited. And you should be. August is the month of the sun shining, your senses being opened to new experiences and the smile barely leaves your face. It’s a great time to truly enjoy every minute of the day. Us, ladies, we need to feel extra pampered and looking our finest. What does it take to feel like that? A pedicure, a massage or a hair removal treatment is sometimes all we need to rediscover our true beauty and reveal it to the world.

And you can enjoy any of these treatments at Medspa.

Serenity treatments and pain free laser hair removal

In the middle of the summer nothing feels better than putting on a pair of sexy sandals and a light, comfortable dress. So what do you need? Well a pedicure of course and a hair removal treatment. While everybody says yes to pedicure, many ladies are reluctant when it comes to laser hair removal. But at Medspa you can even enjoy that. Why? Because of the Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment. It is so comfortable you will regret not doing it earlier. And the magic stands in its functioning.

How does the Soprano Ice Laser work?

The tip of the laser uses the Soprano Ice to cool the surface of the skin and keeping the heat within. This results in no surface burns and efficient, long term hair removal or hair reduction.

The Soprano Ice laser hair removal treatment has been proven, in numerous dermatological trials, to be safer and more efficient than any other hair removal treatment. Not to mention it causes very little pain. And it is working on any type of skin and hair colour.

But for more information about the treatment you can simply pay us visit at 55-57 Notting Hill Gate in London and talk to our specialized operator. You will find out all you need to know about this procedure and the wonders it makes.

Medspa Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal treatment

Pedicure at Medspa

And while you are here, be it for a pedicure or a Soprano Ice hair removal treatment, why not book a massage too? After all, a massage is always welcomed.  It helps you relax and detach. And even though you are in the center of the city, the serene rooms within the beauty clinic will make you feel like you are far away from the hustle and bustle of busy London.

Medspa Massage

So embrace summer! Embrace the sun and keep on smiling. Pamper yourself. Put on that beautiful dress you have been hiding away in the back of your wardrobe. Pair it up with your smooth skin, your new pedicure and your relaxed body. And with those sandals you love so much. The result will be fabulous. As fabulous as you are!

Summer is all about shining. The sun does it and so should you. So reveal you beauty to the world. Reveal your smile and your spirit. Be happy, be beautiful and enjoy every moment of it. Let your senses be inspired by the lovely summer season!

How does Soprano Ice Laser work?

The ice laser cools the top layer of the skin and keeps the heat within the dermis so there are no surface burns. This treatment has been tested in a number of clinical trials by dermatologists and is proven to be safer and more effective than any other hair removal or hair reduction treatments and the results are fabulous. No more shaving and waxing! Just simply smooth, beautiful skin. And you need 6 treatments of Soprano Ice laser hair removal to have those results and be ready for your amazing holidays.

No matter where you plan to go and enjoy a relaxing vacation, go there prepared. Your best virtue is you genuine beauty. So why not show it off at least when you go on vacation? That is the time for you to shine and release the stress and worries away. You deserve it and you know it.

So get your holiday mood on and get prepared for a holiday to remember. Whether you go for a week or two and no matter the location, your goal is to have fun and make the most of it. Enjoy yourself every second and take the time to disconnect and recharge. Go on long walks on the beach, swim as much as you love, drink some colorful cocktails and show off that skin. And take pride in your body while doing all that, it is after all your life long asset.

Legs-soprano-ice-laser-medspa model_3

Recapture your inner beauty with Medspa

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and many if not most of the times the beholder is ourselves. Sometimes, the greatest critique there is. We tend to believe we are not young enough, tanned enough, too small eyes, too pale or whatever detail we can find strikes us as being a sign of imperfection. But this is anything but true. Every inch of our faces of bodies is beautiful just the way it is.
We are all special. All our tiny details make us who we are. Everything that makes us different from any other person creates us as individuals and makes us special and one of a kind. Everybody has flaws yet more often than not; these flaws make us unique and lovely. And when flaws can be taken care of, without damaging our bodies of course, that is when we begin to appreciate our loveliness again. And all that is all it takes, to like yourself, to love yourself and show tenderness to your uniqueness, so that you can emanate beauty again. The natural one. The ones that springs out from all your pores. The one you can see in your smile. The beauty that makes you proud to be who you are and what you are.

Love yourself, take care of yourself and always take pride on your authentic self. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for your beauty, the most appreciative beholder should be yourself. Always appreciate yourself, your uniqueness and your natural true loveliness.

And when different conditions make you feel uncomfortable, don’t neglect them and don’t let them overlay your innate beauty. Face them and treat them. For you have plenty of allies to do that, such as London beauty clinic Medspa that can be found online here http://www.medspa.co.uk. And such a place can help you rediscover and uncover your genuine, natural glow.